Karen's imagery is drawn from landscapes where personal history and physical wonder intertwine. She explores the beauty and  power of the elements and the traces that wind, rain, sun and humankind leave on a landscape. 


Materials are layered, reflecting the layers of memory, experience and information. There is a conscious obscuring of literal references and an increasing expression of the mediative experience of a painting - both in the act of painting itself and in the experience of the viewer.


The image of a house and volcano are longstanding themes and symbols, used in reference to home. Water and rain, with our lack or need for it is a recurring theme,  with rain-water tanks and the Modjadji (Rain Queen) of South Africa forming part of a visual language. Karen's most recent work shows a deeper exploration of the abstract qualities of her process.  These works move towards exploring the spiritual experience of a place, rather than defining it by form or structure.


Karen's materials and the act of painting itself are always a part of the language of her work. Visible hand-made marks link her work to the long history of mark -making that is woven in to our DNA.